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Posted by on Feb 19, 2013

_DSC1699At one time our worth was measured by how many cows we owned or how many vassals worked our corner of the shire. In more recent times people determined their value by money or income. Some of the enlightened, believe it or not, measured worth by character. Not any more. Now we determine what rung we’re on by how many ‘likes’ we get on Facebook. Yes, society has come a long way. DJBF, being the modern hip blues band that we are, is no different. So that we can feel good about ourselves head to our FB page and ‘like’ us. If you don’t we’ll feel insecure and may have to drown our self pity in a dark draught beer from the Player’s Pub. Wow! What segue! That’s right. We’ll be at the Players Pub, 424 So. Walnut, Bloomington IN this Saturday night starting at 8 pm. As you know this place has good food, great beers, a cool vibe and the BLUES.



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  1. great commentary walter cronkite

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