Dicky James and the Blue Flames

We make the blues taste good!

The V

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  • Date: Sat, Mar 02, 2013
  • Time: 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
  • Venue: The V
  • Location: 112 No. 5th, Marshall, IL


  1. To the Flames and all others: Let us all join together and thank capitalism for spreading the Internet, which has allowed me to track the whereabouts of Dicky James and the Blue Flames. I met Dicky and Mark at the Cabin in Terre Haute when they sliced and diced with an stand-in (and talented) drummer for a one-night gig. A week later I brought my daughters and sons into the Cabin to hear the entire ensemble. Excellent. I have heard the blues wailed, played, cried and pleaded in juke joints, taverns, pastures and clubs from France to the Philippines and please know your signature is among the best. Sadly, I can’t make The V in March, but your dates in Terre Haute and Indy have been etched on my calendar. The Syracuse Club is not out of the equation. Wherever you are, I’ll be bringing more company who will spread the gospel on just how smoothly your brand of blues entices and satisfies the palette.
    Good luck on March 2 in Marshall, Ill. And I will hear you again soon.


    David “Hak,” an old, tall, bald guy with two beautiful daughters who love to dance to the blues because their dad taught them that is how one enters the Pearly Gates with class and style.

    Semper Fi.

    • Hak, it was certainly our pleasure to meet you at the Cabin. You, my friend, know how to have a good time! Your daughters – there really should be another word for them – beautiful just doesn’t fully express it. Can’t wait to see you again! – Bob

    • thanks Hak, its all about livin a life! amen

  2. Thanks Hak, its all about living life and then singing bout it. and dancing your way through it! dicky

  3. Hi Hak, The description in the comments fit the wonderful conversationist I knew at The Herald, Jasper, Indiana. My son Tom sent me your photo a few weeks ago. I don’t know which site he got it from. I would like a little up date if you please.
    My Sounds of Country column celebrates the completiong of 43 continous years in The Herald.
    Your old, really old, friend Bud

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